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Preparation partner(s) Zurich

McKinsey Partners
Recent activity on Apr 11, 2016
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asked on Apr 06, 2016

Dear all, I am currently preparing for interviews at mck and a boutique consultancy in Zurich at the end of this month. Therefore, I am looking for serious prep-partners to practice case studies with during the next 2-3 weeks (skype or face-to-face). Preferabily with people in Zurich applying to similar positions in order to practice cases in both german and english. Drop me a line if interested.

Cheers, Diego

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Danting replied on Apr 11, 2016

Hi Diego

I have the McK interview probabely on the same date with you in Zurich. It would be great if we can do some practice in case studies together (both in german and english). Just let me know.

Cheers, Danting

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Ivan replied on Apr 11, 2016

Hey Diego,

I'm based in Berlin and am looking to improve my structured problem solving / case study interview skills.

I had interviews with McK a few years ago (I made it to the final) right after my graduation and then I had a startup. My schedule is pretty flexible as I'm between jobs. Let me know if you'd like to practice with me.

Cheers, Ivan

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