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Anonymous A asked on Aug 01, 2018

Hi all,

I have been offered a consultant position. However, the offer is contingent on accepting it within two weeks. Problem is I have all other interviews with interesting and preferable consultancies (McK, BCG...) after that two week period, meaning I have two options:

1) accept the offer, thus depriving myself of all the other opportunities

2) reject the offer, risking that I don't receive another offer and end up with nothing

Is there any advice what to do in such a situation?

Thanks guys

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replied on Aug 01, 2018
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I believe you have two more options:

  1. Negotiate the new deadline for the offer acceptance
  2. You can also talk to McK, BCG and ask them to expedite the process since you have another offer. If it is an offer from Bain - they will do that. If it's not Bainm they might do that if they have a closer slot available.


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