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New to Business Cases


Hi, I am new to Business Casing. I have been watching a lot of videos and studying frameworks lately. Is there anyone who could do a mock interview with me and give me tips/techniques/improvement areas.

Time Zone - India (+5.5)

Thanks for your time!

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Ujjwal replied on 03/21/2016

Add me on skype - u**********@o******.com

Ujjwal replied on 03/21/2016


I have two case studies for this week, anyone who's free next weekend?

Zain replied on 03/21/2016

Hey guys, my Skype ID is zain.peracha

If you'd just go ahead and add me, we can set a time to practice.

Babs replied on 03/20/2016

Hey Guys. It seems we are at the same level. I am also interested

Ujjwal replied on 03/20/2016

Sounds good!

Zain replied on 03/20/2016

Hey, I'm new to this as well and I'm looking for someone to prep with.

Maybe we could help each other out?