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Monitor's reputation in Europe

Anonymous A asked on Apr 02, 2018 - 7 answers

Hi everyone,

I recently got an offer at Monitor Deloitte in Europe, and would like to hear your opinions on it.

How does it compare to firms like Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger, or ATKearney in Europe? Does it provide the same types of exit opps? (internal strategy at big firms, good MBAs, etc.)?

Indeed, Monitor seems to focus mainly on strategy projects (c.90%) which appears very attractive to build strong experience and get good opportunities; however they seem to be less "famous" than the competitors mentioned above.

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replied on Apr 02, 2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

Congrats on the offer. Before their bankrupcy, in Europe Monitor was considered a prestigious boutique. Today I hear of them much less both in EU and NA. My perception would be a step lower than the other three you mentioned (in EU). In US I think is at part with OW and ATK, above RB.

Hope this helps,


Francesco replied on Apr 03, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

congratulations for you offer. In general terms, Monitor Deloitte is below OW, RB, ATK in Europe as for prestige. If you are in Europe and manage to get another offer from one of the previous mentioned firms, this can thus improve your exit opportunities. Having said that I would double check on LinkedIn what are the exit opportunities from Monitor in your specific country for its alumni – there could be regional differences and Monitor may have created a strong niche in one area interesting for you, thus making its offer more attractive than competitors.



Anonymous A replied on Apr 03, 2018

Mixed opinions regarding exit opps I see..Would EY-Parthenon or Strategy& be better options than Monitor Deloitte?

Vlad replied on Apr 03, 2018
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It's kind of out of the coverage in the recent years.

Since the brand was less known and is even less known in the recent years, I believe the exit opportunities (internal strategy at big firms, good MBAs) will be more limited.

As for 90% strategy - I think it's a myth. Another myth is that strategic projects are better in terms of experience and opportunities.

Anonymous A replied on Apr 02, 2018

I'll follow your advice then. Suppose I join MBB after 1 year, would it be at entry level? Or can I expect to join as 2nd year consultant?

replied on Apr 02, 2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

Yes, would definitely think so. For MBA actually you might be in a slightly better position given that there are less people applying from Monitor than there are from MBB (although there are a lot of people from Deloitte). IMHO, if you do not have any other offers on table, take it, stay a year, reapply to MBB.

Hope it helps,


Anonymous A replied on Apr 02, 2018

Thanks for your reply Andrea. Although not as prestigious as other T2, can I still hope to join "sexy" companies/MBAs after Monitor (like GAFAs, Ivy League MBA, etc.)?

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