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McKinsey Personal Impact

Anonymous A asked on May 28, 2019 - 3 answers

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if convincing our manager to use your marketing idea is a good personal impact story? Should I be talking about HOW I conviced her or what was the IMPACT in itself (sales increase, brand awareness, etc..)



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replied on May 29, 2019
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It should have all the things that you've mentions:

  1. 1 sentence summary what's the story is about
  2. 2-3 sentences of context
  3. What was exactly the problem
  4. HOW you solved it - 3-5 actions that you've taken
  5. IMPACT - should be ideally measurable and impressive


Great, thank you! Because I did take actions to increase brand awareness, but the manager just trusted me for the job itself, I did not have to get out of my way to convince her to let me do it. So accordingly to what you said, I should more focus on what I did to improve brand awareness? — Anonymous A on May 29, 2019

Anonymous replied on May 31, 2019

It can potentially be very good story. I need to hear more to be able to tell you whether it is the good one. More importantly, it is more about how you are structuring your story. Happy to offer you free 10 min call to refine your story together.



updated his answer on May 28, 2019
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Hi there!

Your suggested story goes into the right direction - since Personal Impact is all about convincing another person about something.

Based on the 1-sentence-summary of your example I cannot seriously tell if it will be a good story at the end of the day - it depents mainly on what you make out of this situation.

Main topics you need to consider when developing your storyline:

1) Underlying conflicting interest

The most basic ingredient for a strong "Personal Impact" example is a clear underlying conflicting interest between you and the other person. Both parties need to have a strong interest in the outcome of the situation with different opinions at the outset. Without this, it will never become a strong Personal Impact example, since if there is nothing at stake, it's not difficult to convince someone, and thus you miss the whole point of this PEI dimension.

2) Showing a strategic, process-oriented view of convinving somebody

Furthermore, it's good if your Personal Impact example is going on at least over several days, even better for weeks, since your interviewer is interested in understanding your approach to convince someone from a more strategic, and not only operational/tactical perspective, having candidates clearly laying out a strategic masterplan on how the other person could be convinced. And that's something which usually doesn't happen in one meeting or over night, but requires time to "design" and execute this process of convincing someone.

At the same time, the specific outcome is not that much of interest - it's mainly about your contribution and impact on this situation!

Hope that helps as a start!