McKinsey Imbellus Test : What makes a pass/fail?

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Anonymous A asked on Nov 03, 2020

What constitutes passing or failing the McKinsey Imbellus Test? To add colour, for the Plant Defense part of the game where there's three 10-12minute iterations of the invader specie test, should your plant get invaded in one of the three, would that constitute a fail? Is this assessment combined with other rounds of assessment for a fuller picture?

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replied on Nov 03, 2020
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Hi there,

Possible reasons for failure in the McKinsey Imbellus test include:

  1. You did not manage to create a sustainable ecosystem in Ecosystem Management
  2. You did not manage to defend the plant long enough in Plant Defense
  3. You did not identify the reason for the disease in Disease Management
  4. You run out of time before completing all parts of the game

The fact that your plant dies before round 15 in one of the game sections in Plant Defense doesn’t necessarily mean you will fail the game.

The Imbellus test is normally conducted as screening on its own, however that also depends on the office; in some, it is conducted together with interviews, thus both elements are taken into account.

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replied on Nov 04, 2020
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TBH, and despite the materials that are online to help you prep for it, the grading criteria is like the Coca-cola recipie and none will know or tell you.



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