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Job offer Stern Stewart, SKP, OC&C

Anonymous A


if you would have to choose between a full time position at Stern Stewart, OC&C and Simon Kucher, which one would you accept?

Thanks in advance!



Anonymous B replied on 07/05/2017

Hi Marvin,

as there is no definite right or wrong answer to this question, here are a few things to consider:

1) Salary: Should be SSCO > OCC > SKP
2) Hours: Should be SSCO > OCC > SKP, where the >/< should be inserted depending on what you prefer. You definitely work more hours at SSCO

3) Global impact/footprint: SKP > OCC/SSCO while SKP is globally present and growing, the others are rather irrelevant on a global scale

4) Exit Options: No real knowledge here, but might be interesting to consider

5) People: It sounds so lame, but in the end it should come down to where you liked the people more, as you will spend a massive amount of time with them.

Let us know how you decided :-)



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