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Interview procedure for referred experienced hires at ACN

Alexey asked on Aug 16, 2017 - 2 answers

Hey guys, I am wondering what the interview procedure at Accenture (in Germany) looks like if you have been referred by an employee of the company for a Consultant / PM role? Do you also have to go through the case interviews? Any information on this matter is highly appreciated. Cheers.

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Francesco replied on Aug 26, 2017
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Hi Alexey,

I do not have direct experience with Accenture, however I have applied via referral for McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger and Strategy&. In all these cases, the referral helped me to be invited for interviews, but did not change the actual interview process – so you will have to go through the same cases as someone who applied via the website.

Some options that can instead help you to skip part of the process are:

  1. having an offer from a company similar to the one you are applying to. After I received an offer from OW, indeed, I contacted BCG, where I had not started the process yet, and managed to complete the whole process in just 4 days and 3 interviews, instead of the usual 5/6.
  2. a very strong performance in the first round. A person I helped in the preparation managed to get an offer from Bain after just the first round, skipping the second, thanks to an excellent performance and the fact he mentioned he was interviewing for other MBB. This is definitely less common than the first case though.

Hope this helps,

Vlad replied on Aug 30, 2017
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For a PM role most probably you will have no cases and it will be just the interviews with the partners.

For a consultant position, you will have a case interview with the manager:

  • No clear guidelines for cases, so the case depends on the manager
  • 60% chance that it will be marketsizing
  • 40% chance - profitability and general frameworks
  • Interviewers are less demanding than at Big3. unless you meet an ex-big3 consultant as an interviewer

Good luck!