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sanane asked on Sep 06, 2017
Trying to enter the consulting space. 3-year experience with market and industry research, primarily in industrials and CPG


I am currently in the application process for Marakon's associate role and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with their interview process for experienced hires. I am aware they have two rounds (an initial phone interview with a senior director, followed by an in-person interview consisting of roughly 4 back-to-back interviews with various employees). However, I would like more advice on the type of cases they ask and what I may expect from the fit part of the interview (i.e. I have the STAR method down, as well as relatively good answers to basic questions like "Why Consulting?" "Why Marakon", etc.). I have already skimmed through Glassdoor and other hiring portals on the web.

Any basic help would be greatly appreciated.

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Anonymous A updated the answer on Oct 04, 2018


I am going through the interview process with Marakon this cycle. Could you provide some details about your interview experience and what type of cases they've asked?


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