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Integration Management Consulting - First Round Experience anyone?

Anonymous A

I have the interview for an entry level position in Munich coming up, can anyone share their experience please?

Anonymous B replied on 04/22/2017

Hi there!

There are 3 rounds: round 1: online tests, round 2+3: two interviews each

The interviews are the typical type of consulting interviews and take about 70 mins per interview: personal fit questions (40mins), case studies (20mins), questions (10mins). A HR lady and an analyst was present for the first round, for the second there was the director of the office. The interviews were held in German. There were no surprising questions, just the typical ones (what are your weaknesses, why IMC, why consulting etc.). In the first round I had to do a role play and convince a client to give out data they don’t want to give out. Overall the interviews and the atmosphere were pleasant and the cases weren’t too difficult.

Good luck!