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Advise offers, exit opps, brand, CV push

Anonymous A asked on Sep 17, 2019 - 3 answers

Hi everyone,

i've got to decide between a couple of offers after working as a consultant for two years.

- Accenture Strategy (M&A department)
- L.E.K. Consulting
- PWC Transaction Services
- Oliver Wyman

I'm asking myself what would be the best option to strengthen my CV in terms of brand, exit opportunities (funds, large banks) and reputation towards pursuing a top MBA application (Chicago, Oxford, Wharton, etc.)

What's your opinion and experience on that?

Many thanks in advance.


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replied on Sep 17, 2019
BCG | A.T. Kearney | University of Cambridge | 150+ coachees | 5+ years of consulting experience in London, Dubai and Istanbul
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I would agree that OW has a stronger reputation worldwide, but also LEK is quite strong especially in the UK.



replied on Sep 17, 2019
OW | HEC Paris | Helped 20+ people entering BCG, OW, ATK etc.
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I may be biased as I work for the firm, but definetely go for OW.
I think it is fair to say that among your 4 options OW has the strongest brand name, quickest career path, and sponsors MBA.

LEK may be the closest, depending on industry (they are strong in DD and Life Sciences.

replied on Sep 17, 2019
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What's your objective?

  • If it's finance, then PWCtransaction services is the best one
  • If it's consulting, the definitely go for O&W


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