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Improving Maths/ quantitative skills


Hi guys,

i am looking for more tools (besides of the mental maths tool and GMAT questions) to continuously improve maths skills. Could you share some websites/links were I can find basic numerical test that might help me to train on a continuous basis. My goal is to make basic computing/ graph analysis a daily routine.

Thank you you so much in advance :)

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sanane replied on 08/30/2017

Hey, in addition to consulting-specific math practice, your best bet is to actually get some GMAT math practice materials and work on those. There are plenty of resources online and countless practice problems you can check out. Since calculators are not allowed on the GMAT and since the GMAT primarily tests your ability to think logically rather than any advanced mathematical concepts beyond high school algebra (you won't be doing calculus in any case interview), these questions will really help boost your math/quantitative skills

Carlo replied on 08/28/2017

https://www.caseinterview.com/math/home.php there you go