I am taking the "psychometric" test for Monitor Deloitte. Anyone has any insights?

Monitor Deloitte Psychometric test
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Mohamed asked on Nov 26, 2018

Info is very scarce online on the Monitor Deloitte test. Anyone has insights on how is it like or how to prepare? Thanks a lot

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Anonymous replied on Nov 27, 2018

I would be careful to prepare too much for personality / psychometrics tests. Your personality is what it is. If you try to "beat the system" this usually shows up in well-designed tests.

You can practice IQ tests, but I would not try to prepare too much for behavioural test

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Mohamed on Nov 28, 2018

Thank you Elias. Took the test today without any preparation. I think it went well. Wish you all the best

Anonymous on Nov 28, 2018

You too! good luck!