How would you say Roland Berger differentiate itself from the other consulting firms ? What are the major specificities ? Do you have any examples ? Thank you for your answer

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Anonymous A asked on Sep 25, 2018

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Linda replied on Sep 26, 2018

Dear user,

of course, differences between large strategy consulting companies may appear only small; however, at the end of the day there are a couple of aspects that differentiate Roland Berger from any other consulting company (besides our strong focus on Restructuring), just to name a few…

Opposite to other companies, we offer you the possibility to choose a Competence Center, either an industrial or a functional one. This gives you the possibility to specialize within a broad field (e.g. Digitalization, Automotive, Restructuring, Financial Services), without losing focus. Hence, at Roland Berger, you probably won't become an expert within optimizing procurement processes of construction material companies, just because you had two projects by chance. You decide which field is exciting for you.

Moreover, but that is of course also a personal opinion, the company culture of Roland Berger differs. I'd love to quote a trainer that has been working with Roland Berger for 25 years, she once said "All of you Roland Berger colleagues, as different and individual you are, you have 2 things in common: The first thing is being highly analytical, structured… the second is, that you are ground to earth and able to laugh about yourself." I am not a fan of marketing buzzwords, and our core values excellence, entrepreneurship, empathy are seriously to the point here.

Best, Linda

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Anonymous on Oct 10, 2018

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