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How to make an oral presentation of the case analysis at the BCG written case interview?

Elena asked on Oct 29, 2017 - 2 answers
PhD in Medicine/Immunology. Looking for prep partners.

I am preparing for a written case interview at the BCG. It is expected to prepare 5 slides within 2 hours and to make a 15 min oral presentation of the results (to a client). What are the requirements for a consulting presentation to a client? Could you advise, please? Thank you!

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updated his answer on Nov 01, 2017
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Hi Elena,

I agree with Guilherme; as for how to approach the written case I would suggest the following steps:

Step 1: allocate the time

The first thing you should do in a presentation case is to define a plan and allocate in the best possible way your time. With 2h for the analysis, a good approach would include:

  • initial quick reading – 10-20m
  • structure the approach – 10m
  • make slides/answer to the questions adding detailed analysis and math – 1h20m-1h30m
  • final review – 20 min

You should then practice to stick to the time allocated, in order to maximize your final performance.

Step 2: structure your slides

There are three basic components for slides:

  1. Title
  2. Chart or data
  3. Label for chart

Many people structure the title as the mere description of what the chart is telling. A great title, instead tells the implication of the graph. Eg say the graph is showing a cost structure for a division. A bad title would be: Cost structure from 2005 to 2015. A good title would be: Cost structure of Division XYZ is not sustainable”. A great title would be Cost structure of Division XYZ is not sustainable due to ABC, assuming you have insides on the cause. The rule of thumb for the title is that if you read all the titles of the slides together you should get a clear idea of what is going on.

Step 3: present the slides

When you present, I would suggest the following steps for each slide:

  1. Introduce the slide: “Let’s move to slide 2, which will show us why we have an issue with this division”
  2. Present the main message of the slide: “As you can see, we have a cost structure which makes for us not feasible to be competitive in this market”
  3. Provide details: “The graph, indeed, shows how our fix cost is XYZ, while competitors can benefit from economies of scale. Indeed…”

Below you can find additional tips to prepare on the presentation:

Hope this helps,



A big thank-you, Francesco! An incredible insight! I am immensely grateful. Elena — Elena on Nov 01, 2017

replied on Oct 29, 2017
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Hi Elena,

First of all, congratulations for reaching this stage!

Second, there is a common presentation structure that can help you delivering the messages and also guide your thought process:

  • First slide: This should be your executive summary of the case. I suggest you to use the left column to restate the problem the client is facing and the right column to put your conclusions/recommendations/impact estimation if possible
  • Second, third and fourth slides should have the analyses to back-up the right column of your first slide
  • Fifth slide should contain the next steps (like deeper analyses in one topic and/or implementation plan)

Hope this can help you and wish you all the best in your interview!



Hi Guilherme, — Elena on Oct 29, 2017

Thank you for your reply and support! This is very helpful, indeed. With many thanks, Elena — Elena on Oct 29, 2017

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