How to excel in a virtual group case interview setting

1st round interview urgent
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Anonymous A asked on Nov 08, 2020

Also if anyone is available to talk about this further for tips that would be extremey appreciated

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It may vary between companies, but in general, it has several parts:

1) Panel discussion with a case

A panel discussion is aimed to check how well you work in teams.

  • Be very nice to everyone and do not push your ideas too hard.
  • Don't try to lead if you are not a natural leader - it's almost a guaranteed failure
  • Leverage your industry experience and case prep experience. Play the role of a subject matter expert
  • Be concise and sharp in your communication
  • Take a useful role in the team - manage time, structuring approach, etc

Feel free to contact me for panel case prep

2) 1-2 One-on-one interviews with managers that include case + fit.
One-on-one interviews are less formal and structured than in Big 3. Cases - marketsizing, profitability, market entry, etc. So prioritize your prep efforts accordingly. Also, be ready for fit: Tell me about yourself, why consulting, why company, leadership story, teamwork story, your questions to them


Good luck!


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replied on Nov 08, 2020
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Hi there,

So there's two elements here:


1) Make sure you have a good + working headset

2) Make sure your camera works

3) Setup a space without distracting items/activity behind you

4) Make sure you have a good internet connection AND be prepared to hotspot with your phone

5) Test the videoconferencing platform/tool a day before (to make sure it's installed, compatible, etc.)

6) Login 10 minutes before to prevent any issues

Group Case

​1) Be noticed but don't hog - you need to make sure to speak, but you also can't dominate the entire discussion

2) Add value - When you speak, make sure it's adding to the discussion. I.e. additional insight, ways to evaluate the decision, etc. etc.

3) Demonstrate teamwork - They're not looking for you to be THE leader. They're looking to see how well you work in a group. This is give and take

4) Demonstrate everything else that's needed in a "regular" case - structured thinking, problem-solving, clear communication, etc.etc.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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replied on Nov 08, 2020
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Hey, am available Mon/Tue (GMT/London timezone) if you would like to discuss this. Feel free to message me with details and we can set something up.

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Anonymous on Nov 08, 2020

Thanks Adi! I sent a message your way


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replied on Nov 09, 2020
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Hi there,

First of all, I would recommend you to prepare in advance.

  • You have to look professional, so choose an appropriate outfit and background, because you will feel more confident when you are dressed up!

  • Don`t forget to check your Internet connection, your camera, audio, and other technical equipment carefully 15 minutes before the meeting. Otherwise, you may not have time to fix something during the interview.

  • You should get well-rested one day before to show up stress-free and in a good mood!

  • You will feel more comfortable when you put some notes right in front of you. Maybe even stick them to the wall right the opposite to your eyes.

  • Think about your gestures, mimics, and tone of voice. Try to have a little practice before the interview. It could be nice to make a small simulation of the interview with your friends.

During the interview, you should show your leadership. However, don’t forget to be a team player, so be polite and show your strong listening and communication skills. Do not interrupt and include everyone in the discussion. A great tip is to learn everyone’s name. It is better to keep calm and try not to let your shock show on your face when you don’t know to answer.

I would also recommend you to take at least a couple of sessions with a career coach here on the Platform, who helps you to point out your real stepping stone and defines the easiest ways for you to overcome it. I and my colleagues here are happy to help you.

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replied on Nov 09, 2020
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Totally depends on the context, role, team, description of your future responsabilities and team interactions...

However, you won´t get that in MBB, that is for sure.

Hope it helps, good luck!



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