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How much do Directors at Big 4 consulting earn - MBAs that stay at the company and climb the ladder?

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New answer on Sep 30, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Aug 29, 2020

I know that starting salaries in the US are 160K-170K + bonus in most firms. How do salaries + bonus change as one goes up the ladder and becomes a Senior Manager/Director?

Senior Manager = 4 year at the firm I assume

Director = 6 years at the firm. Base + Bonus?


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Anonymous replied on Aug 31, 2020


Senior manager : 130-150K$
Director : 150K-220K$
Partners : 300K$-500K$

Director : 10-25%
Partners : really depending

I don't know where you get your numbers but that is pretty high.

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replied on Sep 30, 2021
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You tend to have a ~30% difference between the starting levels of each rank on the base salary. Variable may go from 10%-25%-40%. This depends on the country.

Not sure about partner, though, but as far as I know partner salary actually goes down and variable goes to the roof.

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updated an answer on Sep 01, 2020
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Hi there,

So the discrepency here from Mounir's answer is that MBA hires into the Consultant role at the Big 4 do tend to get paid higher (so, $150-160k).

It takes around 6-8 years to reach manager level and the pay range in the US is $200-220k

Director takes around 10-15 years and compensates $360-400k


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