How do you write a great networking email (cold/warm)?

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asked on Dec 28, 2016

I go to a semi-target for MBB consulting and to get an interview I want to network with as many people as possible.

My emails come across as very formulaic.

I have heard you want to give the employee a reason to speak with you.

Have any of you had success with networking emails?

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replied on Dec 29, 2016
Ex-Bain & Company Case Team Leader * Placed 40+ MBB candidates as Partner in Europe's leading top-tier Consulting recruiting firm

This may be a controversial point of view, but unless you have a genuine reason to reach out to someone I wouldn't bother. It can be different in very small markets or for niche companies, but the larger consultancies have established recruiting processes which aren't improved by emails coming in at random times.

When I worked for one of the large firms I occasionally thought the "nice to meet you at x event, it's interesting that you did y" came across as cute, but more often the emails were unwelcome.

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Anonymous replied on Jan 03, 2017

Two rules: (1) Keep them short. (2) Keep them focused on how it can add value to the one receiving it.

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replied on Oct 21, 2020
Ex-Mckinsey|Certified Career Coach |Placed 500+ candidates at MBB & other consultancies

Hi Jacob,

I would recommend you to follow the following strategy:

* Search about a person and find something in common with you (school, degree etc). Try to focus on the partners

* Prepare a short and well written introductory email explaining who you are, how you found that person, and what you want from them (i.e. advice on the application process)

* Email it to the partner using their corporate email (If you don't get one, don't take it personally and move on to the next partner on your list)

Was it helpful for you?

If you need any further help with networking, drop me a line.


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Ex-Bain & Company Case Team Leader * Placed 40+ MBB candidates as Partner in Europe's leading top-tier Consulting recrui
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