How do IT consultants work? Or those with an engineering or other technical background?

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Anonymous A asked on Mar 17, 2020

See the question above.

thank you!

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it depends on the type of consulting – in MBB it's different from Accenture, and in Accenture it's different from, for example, a little boutique consulting focusing on one specific thing. IT is very broad, so please ask a bit more specifically.

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It totally depends on the company.

Are you referring to IT consulting firms? In this case, coudl you tell us the names, so we can give you better guidance?

Moving on to your 2nd quetion, regarding people with engenieering or tech background, again totally depends on the firm. You have plenty plenty of those profiles in MBBs and 2nd tier companies -actually, along with people with a business background/education, are the most usual profiles-.

This said, their job descriptions -those who are general consultants- is the same as for the rest, and they do the same type of engagemets.

Hope it helps!



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Hi, it strongly depends on the firm


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Hi Anonymous,

First question here is if you talk about IT strategy or IT implementation as a main differentiator.

People with engineering/technical background are spread all over the place in general management consulting as well .. so they work as anyone else :-)


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