How are consultancies approaching hybrid/remote working?

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New answer on May 24, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on May 22, 2021


As I consider applying to positions in consulting, it would be interesting to know how different firms are approaching 'hybrid' or 'remote' working. I have not seen much (if at all) information on the topic published in the consultancies HR/recruiting websites, hence my questions:

  1. Are the different firms setting global policies to allow hybrid/remote working, or is it rather managed by each office?
  2. Have any offices or firms in particular adopted a Hybrid Working Model?
  3. Is the tendency to go 'back to the office' or to 'shift to hybrid/remote'?

Many thanks!

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updated an answer on May 22, 2021
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There isnt one model and this varies from country to country, office to office. There is definitely a strong desire to get back to the office in some shape & format at least. Speaking of UK, the situation is definitely looking positive and most firms are looking at some type of hybrid model for the short term (6 months). 5-days in the office/client site is not happening for now. Plus, people cant be forced to come to office if they dont feel comfortable- not everyone has been vaccinated yet and new variants pose threat of a surge. Long term planning is very hard at this stage and I doubt any firm will be in a position to make any commitments.


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replied on May 22, 2021
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Hi there,

Honestly, it's still a bit too early to answer this question. Fundamentally, companies are taking a "wait-and-see", "Play-it-by-ear" and "experiementation" approach right now.

Some are staying remote, some are looking to go fully back, and some are doing hybrid (i.e. some days in the office, some not).

No matter what, you're assuredly not going to get one answer for this! The approaches are going to be different across companies, countries, and even offices.

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replied on May 24, 2021
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We will need to see when the crisis is over, in order to answer that question correcly.

As per now, it totally depends on the geography and on how the clients are doing stuff (e.g., when clients go back to office, consultants do too).

Hope it helps!



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