Hi, I am totally unfamiliar with the concept of case interviews. I just got admitted for an MBA and I want to get into consulting? Where do I start and how to go on?

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Sai Prashanthi asked on Mar 20, 2018

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The best thing you can do is to start preparing now, before the business school. Once you are there - you'll have no time for prep.

I would work on several topics:

1) Prepare your resume in advance (just to save some time later)

2) Star preparation for the cases before b-school. It is a very broad topic, but I will give you some advice:

  • Time is the King. You'll need at least a month if you can prepare full-time. 3-4 months if you can't work on it systematically
  • Feedback and coaching will save you time. Work with an expert here. An expert will give you the right knowledge.
  • Practice cases with the other candidates to get the skill. Try to find the candidates with at least one real MBB consulting interview experience and 50+ cases solved. Ask for the cases from the real case interviews. Unfortunately, in the beginning, you'll have to solve the "Chicken and egg" problem in finding the experienced partners

3) 2-3 weeks before your interviews (or even earlier in case of MBA) start crafting your FIT stories. More details here:



4) At school start attending all the consulting events, although I would not make too many bets on coffee chats. Here are some ideas re coffee chats:


5) Find the classmates who were working in consulting before and would recommend you to the on-campus recruiting coordinator. More on the referral here (although in your case, it will be not an official referral, but recommendations from your ex-MBB classmates will significantly increase your chances):


Best of luck!


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replied on Mar 21, 2018

Hey Sai,

Which MBA will you start with?

If it’s a top school one I completely disagree from Vlad’s point - you will get plenty of resources and other people in same situation as yours, as well as more than enough time to prepare when you join it.

for instance, schools as LBS have their own prep programs where you can access Experts for free, so i think you will highly appreciate my comment if you are joining such schools.



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