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Note Taking Paper Interview

Someone asked on Apr 23, 2018 - 3 answers

Hi Experts,

Is it okay to take your own paper into an interview? I would like to pre draw up my pages with sections for each question and note taking etc.



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replied on Apr 23, 2018
Bain & Company | University of Cambridge | CV/Resume writing | 770 GMAT

I agree with Vlad - definitely bring your own paper and pen if you want, but do not pre-draw anything.

Something I saw some candidates do successfully was bring their own A3 paper (twice the size of standard A4) which gave them twice the space to write and brainstorm. If this is something you think would be helpful, I'd encourage you to try it out!

Vlad replied on Apr 23, 2018
McKinsey / Accenture / Got all BIG3 offers / More than 300 real MBB cases / Harvard Business School


It's fine to take your papers however I would not pre-draw anything. It's just 2 lines and you can easily do that during / before the interview.


replied on Apr 24, 2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

Only A4 or letter sized paper, no A3/placemat, no pre-draws. Both pen and pencil are fine. Black or blue.

Hope it helps,


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