I just came back from Bridge to BCG (a 3-day workshop towards PhDs, MDs and JDs) and I'm considering telling the recruiters I don't want to be interviewed for a FT position anymore (everyone who participated in Bridge is invited for a interview for FT). Would that burn any bridge for me if in a few years I decide to try BCG again coming from another consulting firm or MBA program (which I’d love to do it for the full immersion in business and network opportunities)?

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Anonymous A asked on Jun 29, 2018

A Life Sciences Specialist position (such as the one offered by LEK) seems a better a fit for me due to the type of work which will be both science and business-oriented as opposed to MBB which is only business-oriented even within bio-pharma. I understand that MBBs is known to train PhDs very well and it would be like a “MBA on steroids” but I don’t think it’s the right move for me right now, though I don’t want to close this door forever. Please advise. Thx!


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replied on Jun 30, 2018
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

Anonymous A,

As discussed on the phone, I strongly suggest you go for MBB anyway, and this for 3 reasons:

1. All else being equal, MBB will give you greater opportunities in the future. You will be an alumnus all your life. Right or wrong, people will assume you are a little better, a little smarter just because you have MBB on your resume

2. Going into a boutique or very narrow field is fine as long as you like it - but you are also a little stuck. Going into MBB (particularly BCG) will give you a chance to see other industries and types of projects early on, so you have a broader set of skills and a chance to see what's happening in other areas before deciding Life Sciences is really where you want to spend the next few years of your career

3. Shoot for the stars. Apply to the best companies you can, get all the offers. Once you have these offers,we can look at this again. For now, you should really just focus on getting better and acing these cases - nothing else matters

PS: Now, if you are not sure consulting is for you... completely different question. But if you want to do consulting, why aim for the 2nd tier when you have the capabilties and profile that top tier companies look for?

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replied on Jun 30, 2018
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no, this will not burn any bridge because

  1. As long as you did not do interviews and were rejected, there is no reason to put you on some kind of blacklist
  2. As you were invited to the workshop they seem to like your current profile, adding some experience at LEK is likely to make your profile even more interesting

However, in case you decide to apply again in a few years, make sure it still makes sense from there pespective to hire you, e.g. apply as "Life Sciences specialist" rather than generalist



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Anonymous B replied on Jun 30, 2018


No it will not burn any bridges; they have many many candidates willing to fill your spot. Say you are not quite ready to jump into a role yet as you want to study more, travel etc. They are not going to know if you go to LEK / they will not care.

Then after some time you may re-apply. Chances are that HR will have moved on by then anyway.


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replied on Nov 18, 2020
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As long as you don´t interview and explain the reasons behind in a good and compelling way, yo should be fine.

Good luck!

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Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews
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