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Hello, I am preparing for Consulting for my college interview.

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New answer on Dec 27, 2022
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Pranay asked on Sep 22, 2019

Here, I am unable to make any job group. Please help me how to get over it which can help me preparing in a better job environment

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Anonymous replied on Sep 22, 2019

Hi Pranay,

I am happy to help you in preparation to your interviews and share my experience with you.

Please have a look at my profile and let me know, how we shall move forward.



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George replied on Jun 24, 2022

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Anonymous replied on Dec 27, 2022

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Anonymous A replied on Jul 21, 2022

Interviewers for collage entrance exams are likely to meet many candidates, so you need to think about how to stand out and make a good impression. When the interviewer asks you to talk about yourself, be sure to answer with something memorable.

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