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Has anyone applied recently to Strategy& and has any tips for the first round of interviews?

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Recent activity on Jun 14, 2018
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Riccardo asked on Jun 13, 2018
Senior Business analyst at Kearney | University of Manchester

I have passed the entrance test to access the first round of interviews at Strategy& and I'm gonna have the interviews soon (2-3 weeks approx). I am looking for someone who had already the interviews with this company and would like to share his/her experience. Thanks in advance!


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Anonymous replied on Jun 14, 2018

I previously did an internship at Strategy&, so can share my experience (for the London office, at least).

First round interviews had two cases. The first was a "normal" candidate-led case. It also seems like interviewers have freedom to define their own cases, and they are not chosen centrally from a database (unlike at other firms like Bain or McKinsey)..

The second interview (and this might be specific to the London office) was a "pre-written case". All of the information in the case was presented in a pack of ~10 slides. The interviewer lets you read them alone for 10-20 minutes and he/she then comes back to discuss.Three broad questions were provided to guide the interview:

1) a market sizing/estimation question

2) a brainstorm question about a part of the case - e.g. how can company X increase revenue given issues they are facing?

3) Overall generic recommendation for the client?

Since I interviewed, I also heard that they added some team/group interviews as part of the process, but I am not familiar with these unfortunately.

I hope this helps!

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Riccardo on Jun 14, 2018

Dear Alessandro, thanks for your fast reply! The info you provided will be of great help. I haven't heard about any group interview so far. The HR partner who is in contact with me said that after the test there are two round of interviews, with 2 case-interviews each. Thanks again!