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Anonymous A asked on Apr 22, 2019

Dear Preplounge Members

Can anyone recommend me a good website to prepare for the gmat? I'm not a big fan of books :-) Or is the best way to prepare to buy the official gmat books? Thanks


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replied on Apr 23, 2019
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Hi there,

​It is the best way to buy official GMAT books and doing all questions by making sure that you understand everything. (including understanding why wrong answers are wrong)

The best and probably the only website you need is


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replied on Aug 31, 2020
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replied on Apr 22, 2019
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I strongly recommend using official guides for preparation (Both books and electronic edition). Also, make sure you are using the fresh ones (recent year).


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Alexander replied on Apr 22, 2019

Preparing for the GMAT involves two different steps - building a knowledge base (for example, you might not remember random number properties) and practice (individual test questions and full tests).

To build knowledge, most people recommend the Manhattan GMAT Review books ( The GMAT Club Forum is also a really good source and they have very helpful posts related to all sections. I would in particular point out the Math Book ( and the Grammar Book ( If you prefer an online course and want to polish the quantitative part, I've seen people rave about Target Test Prep. It apparently has about 150 hours of content and people claim that it can bring them to the highest score, Q51. I don't think that a comparable resource exists for the verbal section, although I've heard very good things about the Economist GMAT course.

Concerning practice, I would recommend sticking to questions in the GMATClub forum. They claim to have more than 10000 by now, and often include and discuss questions from other sources. The official books are useful mostly because they contain questions in exactly the same style as during the test, and I'd recommend using them the closer you get to the test. In particular with the verbal sections people say that switching sources can lead to a dip in accuracy, and sticking to the official guides is therefore quite important as you get close to the test date. Please note that the questions of several of the official guides are online ( - just click on one of the covers!). Finally, you will want to practice a full test several times, and there's quite a few available (GMATClub, Manhattan, Veritas, GMAC, ...).

Good luck!

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Anonymous replied on Aug 29, 2020

Dear A!

During your preparation for GMAT I would recommend the following approach:

1) Keeping your math trained with GMAT exercises is always a good idea. The free resources can be found online, for example:


2) Also, tests that usually are for investment banks (with graphs analysis) are useful. Free resources can be also found online:


If you have any further questions, just drop me a line!


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replied on Jun 10, 2020
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To add on top of what has been said, the best is to practice, practice, practice!

In concrete, with tests, so you can also time yourself, get used to the format, etc.

There are free exams in the internet that you can use for practice (the one of LBS MBA page, Verits prep, as well as some free trials for courses such as the one of The Economist (

The key to success here is not only get practice, but learn techniques.

Hope it helps!



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Anonymous replied on Apr 22, 2019

Check out Gmat Club, that is the correct forum for these sorts of questions!

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