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Feedbacking CVs and Cover Letter - anyone up for it?


Hi! Anyone up for swapping CVs and Cover Letters and giving each other feedback? I am about to send mine in and am looking for any chance to improve it. We could set a skype call and mutually help each other!

Have a beautiful day!


Shilpitha replied on September 11, 2016

Hi Jethro,

Are you still interested in swapping CV's?

Jethro replied on March 03, 2016

Anyone wanna swap CVs? my email is jetlim92@gmail.com

Laureen replied on March 03, 2016

Hi Everybody - whoa that was an overwhelming response. I think I am pretty much done editing my CV for now but maybe you could use this threat to swap CVs amongst each other?

Shilpitha replied on March 02, 2016

I'm also up for the CV part! Should we send each other our CV's then skype chat?

Alejandro replied on March 01, 2016

I'm for the CV part! How should we proceed?

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