EY-Parthenon Online Case Interview for Executive (IT) - Transaction Strategy & Execution

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Pranet Patra asked on Jul 06, 2021


I have an online case interview for EY-Parthenon for the role of Executive in their Transaction Strategy & Execution. Could you guys please help me to know what type of cases they give and woud it be like standard case interview or is this something different (PwC case interview was way different than what normally we think case studies are). 

Thanks in advance. 

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replied on Jul 06, 2021
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Hi Pranet,

I know exactly what you mean regarding the PwC case interview; when I interviewed for PwC's Tech practice, one of the "cases" was literally just 1 question on how I would setup a technical backlog!

Frankly, you need to be prepared for anything (sorry). This means you should be prepared for "standard" cases AND transaction strategy & execution cases. Additionally, you need to be prepared for a classic case format (prompt, exhibits, etc.) AND brainstorming (quick prompts/questions requiring one after) AND unstructured cases (multiple questions, asked sequentially, with verbal information given but no charts/exhibits).

The key is to be flexible/adaptable here and always maintain 1) An objective-driven approach and 2) Structured + concise thinking and communication

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replied on Jul 06, 2021
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Hi Pranet,

Can you clarify which country/office is this for?

EY-P cases in Transaction advisory area are very different. Although if you have prepared well for cases generally you should be covered.

Cases are very likely going to be discussion based or even a series of specific questions. One candidate I helped recently for EY-P IT M&A practice pretty much had a "brainstorming" case with the interviewer.

Make sure you are comfortable with the key concepts on areas of pre-deal analysis/DD, integrations, divestitures, IT spend analysis etc.

Feel free to send me a direct message if you wish discuss in detail. 

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Pranet Patra on Jul 06, 2021

Hi Adi...thanks for the reply. This is for London, UK office.

Adi on Jul 07, 2021

Good, so prepare like I suggested above. Give me a buzz if you need help

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