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Anonymous A asked on Feb 26, 2019

Hello everyone,

I recently got an invitation to interview for EY's TAP program. I am a Senior EE student, so I feel confident about the technical side, but I haven't taken many business/finance courses. I was doing some research on how to prepare for the interview and this website came up. I only have 10 days until my interview, so I was wondering if I could ask the community what resources I should use in order to effectively and efficiently prepare? Any help/advice from someone who went through the interview process or has experience with case interviews would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Noobie EE undergrad

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replied on Jun 27, 2021
Strategy& Engagement Manager | Grad & MBA Interviewer| Ex-Investment Banker | Financial Services expert

Hey there - so I have never heard of the TAP program, but from an initial look online it looks like Technology Advisory (i.e. Tech. Consulting). Correct me if wrong.

The best way to prep for these interviews are to prepare for these questions:
1. why TAP / technology consulting interests you
2. why EY -- look up what the big things they talk about online that relates to Tech.

3. why you -- what skills do you have and experience to show you can be a great tech. consultant / advisor to companies

For case interviews, you can leverage this website to prepare for case studies or consult a professional coach in this community to get support ahead of your interview.

Good luck

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