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New answer on Jul 27, 2020
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Natalie Nguyen asked on Jul 24, 2020

Hello all!

I will be applying to the Top 3 Firms, and I know the application process is competitive and in order for an applicant to stand out, they must have an outstanding resume. I'm pretty proud of the leadership opportunities that I was able to grasp throughout my college experience but a few things:

1) I am an undergraduate student through the USC Marshall School of Business (a non-target school). I've asked this question before, and I know Mckinsey may not recruit at my school, but I do know some alumni who have been able to score a job at Bain and BCG, so I'm not too worried about the prestige of my institution. I think BCG even has a USC presence now with the amount of Trojans they brought in within the last two years at their LA Office).

2) I've had internships but not at any Big Employers or Fortune 500 Companies. Will this make or break my ability to get an interview offer at any of the Top 3? I'm working my butt off right now to try and find an internship, but in my area, there are only internships at mid-tier tech companies (nothing notable to the Top 3, I don't think). Most of the internships are for Summer 2021; however, my goal is to work as a Business Analyst intern or Summer Associate at any of the Top 3 Firms.

3) My standardized test scores are horrible. I'm talking low 20's on the ACT (and I never took the SAT). It's been a journey to get where I am today, but should I retake the SAT/ACT? Do you think it matters or should I focus my efforts on the GRE?


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replied on Jul 27, 2020
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Hi Natalie,

Not sure what the question is for 1). As Ian said, networking is critical

For 2): big brands help but are not a deal-breaker. You normally have to compensate that with referrals

For 3): I would rather spend time with networking. The only thing that may possibly be useful is the GMAT if you are planning to apply to B-School in the future. But even for that, it won’t give any advantage unless you get an impressive score (eg 750+).

You can find more on referrals here:



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replied on Jul 26, 2020
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Hi there Natalie,

1) Not sure what the question is, but my #1 piece of advice is network, network, network :)

2) Short answer is it will not make or break your ability to get an interview offer. I got an offer at BCG (amongst others) with a full-time job only at a company called Appian. Much more important was that I had been given/shown large responsibility and desireable skills.

3) It doesn't matter...don't even list it on your resume

Bonus - for your resume

  • The template you use is critical. I've had candidates with amazing experience but horrible templates. Make sure your resume layout brings the eye to whats important, is sharp/clear, and organized/clean
  • Be concise + clear with your experience bullet points. Make sure, where possible, bullet points articulate both clear skills/responsibilities (verbs) AND impact ($ or %). Do so with as few words as possible (without taking away the "bigness" of it
  • Less can sometimes be more. Make sure you inlude the experience that actually matters. Anything you add that is uninteresting doesn't just add 0 value, it detracts from the rest of your experiences!

Good luck!

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Anonymous replied on Jul 25, 2020

Dear Natalie,

Feel free to share your resume with me and I will provide you with feedback and actionable recommendations for improvement in order to increase your chances of passing the screening.



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Francesco gave the best answer


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