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Case interview Accenture Digital: Digitising client experience

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Recent activity on Sep 24, 2018
2 Answers
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 23, 2018

Hi, I have a case interview coming up with Accenture digital. How would you approach the following case: A big pharmaceutical company is looking to reshape it's client explerience. How could you help?

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Anonymous replied on Sep 24, 2018

Hey there,

Having done a customer experience case before, a useful way to structure it is to think about this is to break it down in terms of the "Customer Journey" - i.e. how your customers interact with you, and at each point what are the pain points and how you can improve it (in this case, specifically through digitisation.

In the example of a big pharma, if we assume customers are hospitals / research facilities, a way to break down the customer journey could be:

  1. Originating clients - i.e. attracting first time clients or first time buyers of products, finding information about pharmas available online
  2. Purchasing / sourcing- process of completing orders, checking out online
  3. Delivery - managing delivery
  4. Support - Support in case of issues, information available, online/phone support

Once you have broken down, identify key pain points and areas where you can improve. Once you have identified these, proposing solutions that leverage digital / digitization. For example, across the journey above.

  1. Pain point: Hard to find information online. Fix: Provide an easy to use, interactive catalogue with drop down menus to find relevant drugs
  2. Pain point: no online check-out, have to order on phone. Fix: add online check-out
  3. Delivery: Clients cannot track when order will arrive. Fix: Add delivery tracker
  4. Support: Difficult to contact customer service in case of issues, long wait times on the phone. Fix: Add FAQ online, add Interactive Voice Recognition on phone, add online chat.

Above are just examples, but this is in general a good way to think about customer experience.

Hope this helps!


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Anonymous replied on Sep 24, 2018

Just some ideas:

  1. Think about who the pharma company's clients really are. Are they patients (as for many OTC companies), or rather hospitals or doctors? Makes a huge difference
  2. Then: Are we talking generics (i.e. Sandoz) or brand-name companies doing original research (i.e. Novartis). Generics companies are very much sales driven, while the key challenge for the "research" companies is managing the funnel of research projects
  3. Also, in digitisation, keep in mind the stakes involved reg. privacy and safety. If some customer loyalty app goes down, maybe some people are pissed because they lost their points. If an app to improve treatment adherence doesn't work properly, people die.

Obviously, these are not concrete answers, but rather some pointers about your reference frame in which to think.

Hope this helps

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