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Can I join BCG as a former drop out?

Anonymous A asked on Feb 06, 2017 - 2 answers

Hi everyone!

my goal is to join BCG after M.Sc.. While I think I fulfill the needed requirements, as my bachelor and master GPA are above average and I have international as well as relevant work experience, there is one "flaw" on my resumé. I dropped out of my first bachelor programme (after 1.5 semesters), due to personal reasons. After 8 months break, I joined another bachelor programme, finished it very successfully in 6 semesters including a semester abroad (excluding the two 6 months internships I did). Then I joined a master programme which I will graduate from this year.

Do you think this drop out will let me pass the first selection round of BCG? And if I make it to an interview how can I defend that I dropped out and explain the gap on my resumé? How would you deal in that situation? Any help greatly appreciated!

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replied on Feb 06, 2017
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Hi Anonymous,

as for the initial selection, assuming the rest of your CV is solid, that should not be a concern for your application; however, I would definitely try to get a referral to minimize the risk.

As for the interview, when they will ask what happened (they will ask for sure), the best way to answer would be to present it as you would do for a “What is a mistake you did/ wrong decision you made” question:

  1. explain what happened, AND
  2. explain what you learned through that experience, if possible using a concrete example on how you applied the learning.

So far that you can show that you have learned from a difficult situation, the fact that you took the wrong path at the beginning should not be a problem.



replied on Feb 06, 2017
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I wouldn't see that as a flaw, especially given the reason. BCG and Mckinsey value achievement and strong performances but are aware of challenges and different paths.

It will certainly come up in interviews and will you answer witht he truth.

During my time at BCG I saw multiple people that had started a course and changed half way through, sometimes due to personal reasons, sometimes due to a change in topic.

Good luck

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