Can I apply to multiple offices at the same time?

Anonymous A asked on Sep 24, 2018 - 2 answers
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Anonymous replied on Sep 24, 2018
Senior Consultant

Dear user,

On our website, where you can upload your application, you can also choose an office and indicate further offices in your application if you haven't decided yet where you want to work.

Please note, that we have a slightly different application process (recruiting day with interviews etc.) after uploading the documents if your offices of interest are in different countries. For example, the process will be the same for all offices in Germany, but you might have a specific recruiting day for the London office.

Mia replied on Sep 24, 2018
Preparing for case interviews with Deloitte and McKinsey

Usually companies will give you a choice to indicate your offices of interest. With McKinsey's online application, you can choose up to four offices to apply to. With Big 4 it depends. Deloitte has separate applications to every office/country. You submit as many as you like. Therefore, everything will depend on the company you are applying to.