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Help: How many cashiers McDonald has - Brain teaser

Anonymous A

Dear all,

Thank you in advance for your kind support, I am quite new at case interviews.

Since you are for sure more experienced than me, I would like to ask for your kind help.

Last case interview I had, I have been asking the following question:

"How many cachiers does a McDonald have?".

How would you structure assumptions and solutions? I know that cachiers can represent a bootleneck for a McDonald.

Thank you in advance, You will save a collegue that has no idea how to solve this!


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C replied on 11/30/2017

Hello! In order for you to find out the answer, I would consider looking at these factors: (this way you find it out yourself and you can learn from it :) )

- How many clients does a McDonald have

- How many hours is a McDonalds open for

- How much time do they spend waiting in line & ordering (maybe even do peak and off peak)

- How much time does a menu take to make and how many can the kitchen make per hour

replied on 02/01/2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

Agree with B approach

Anonymous B replied on 12/19/2017

Our Goal: #Cashiers_McD

  1. #Cashier = (Cashier/McD) * (McD)
    • = 3/Store (assumption) * {(McD/person) * (Pop. Size)}
    • = 3/store * 1 store/100K (assumption1) *7 Billion (global population size)
    • assumption 1: While the US has 1 McD per 10K people, places such as Middle East, East Europe, Rural Asia, Africa may not have as many. Some countries like North Korea has none, I guess! So 1 mcD per 100K on average
    • = 3 * 1/100000 *7000000000 = 210,000
  2. If you want to integrate a trend:
    • say we have a positive trend as new McDs are being opened every year
    • Approximately 10% per year, so 10% of the total amount will increase
    • = 210K*10% = 21K
    • Answer of 210K + 21K = 231K
  3. The answer would be: On average, McDonald has 231,000 Cashiers.

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