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Best way to start using CasePrep Meeting Board

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Recent activity on Aug 21, 2017
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Val asked on Aug 12, 2017
Wharton MBA 2Y Refreshing Casing | Ex-Monitor Deloitte


I have zero case studies under my belt but have watched all of Victor Cheng's videos and am in the middle of reading Case in Point. What is the best way to begin using the meeting boards? I do not want to waste anyones time since I do not know how to use the interface. What preparations should I make before using the meeting board?

Thank you.


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David replied on Aug 14, 2017
Looking for some practice

Dear Val,

Welcome to PrepLounge. Here is what you will have to do:

1) Find an appropriate time for you, ideally a slot where you have some spare time before and after.

2) Accept or propose a meeting and ask your case partner, if he or she favors a certain type of case (company, style, content).

3) According to the preferences of your peer, select a case and briefly read through it so that you know what the case is about and what information to provide upon request (and what NOT)

4) Be confident and go ahead.

Here on PrepLounge there is very little you can do wrong. The cases are available to you via the case library - I see that you are a Premium user. They are laid out in a way that requires none to very little preparation ahead of the meeting, if you are very new to the matter, of course you might want to plan a more prepared approach to your first meeting.

Apart from that we are proud to have such a supportive and friendly community so that no one will want you any bad if you are straight forward with being new to the site. Everyone is a little anxious before their first meeting, but it will pass and you will do just fine.

If you have any particular question, we from the PrepLounge Talent Management are happy to provide help, either here or via direct message/email/telephone or skype.

Never hesitate to reach out and enjoy your preparation on PrepLounge.


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Val on Aug 15, 2017

Thank you so much Bjorn. Already have 7 or so meetings under my belt but thank you for the response!

Anonymous replied on Aug 21, 2017

Hi Val,

I managed to get offers in 6 from 6 consultancies (e.g. BCG, Bain, Strategy&) that I applied for by using Caseprep Meeting Board as follows:

1) Conduct some basic preparations via Victor Cheng/Case in Point

2) Apply for a less desired consultancy to learn cases in real life and derive your areas for improvement

3) Conduct 10-15 cases with people on prep lounge (at best from the same country since the requirements of MBBs per country differ slightly)

4) Conduct 1-2 expert interviews with experienced MBB consultants to derive a refined preparation plan

5) Conduct further 5-10 cases depending on the plan you have defined together with the case expert (at best with highly ranked people and case partners you have connected with before)

I hope this provides some additional information for your preparations! Good luck!

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