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Anonymous A asked on Mar 06, 2019


Does anybody know whether a MBA sudent is required to take the BCG Potential Test? I will attend a M7 MBA program this fall.


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Anonymous B replied on Mar 07, 2019

From my experience, it depends on the office you're applying to. My BCG consultant friends based in US (both Associate Consultants and post- MBA Consultants) confirmed to me that they did not write the test. I know because when I asked them for help prepping for the test, they had no idea what I was talking about and they both matriculated into BCG 2 years ago. However, in the African offices (an in the broader EMEA region, I beleive - someone please confirm!), the test is required for both Associate Consultants and post- MBA Consultants.

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Melan on Mar 07, 2019

Thanks! It's unlikely I will end up in Africa, but it's good to know.