Dear all,

I am preparing for my last round at BCG (with a focus on digital - for their Technology Advantage practice)

Two questions:

1/ I would like to get your views on tips and tricks on how to prepare my last round?

2/ Do you have any IT/Data/Agile/Cost reduction in IT cases? Happy to share my insights too.
Thank you for your inputs!

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Anonymous B updated his answer on Nov 28, 2018


First of all, let me wish you All The Best for your final (partner) round. I believe, I can give you valuable insights, since I have recently accepted an offer for the TA practice (Generalist role) in one of BCG's Asia offices.

I'll try to keep this short and answer your questions:

1. Tips / tricks on how to prepare for the final round: Try to visualize all the case interviews that you have passed so far and then pin-point the one's where you struggled the most. Was it communication or structure or math? Focus more on that weakness. Most probably, in the final round they will test that area of weakness once more.

Be prepared to be handed a lot of data on paper (tables / charts) during the case. Focus on identifying the pieces of data that will help you solve the case and ignore data that may not be useful enough.

Tip: Study the profile of the partner who will interview you. Which 2-3 industries does the partner focus on? Read about the Digital trends in that industry.

Tip: You will most probably be given a case from one of those 2-3 industries.

2. There are hardly any good IT / Digital related cases available online. And remember that it is not necessary that you will be given an IT / Digital focused case.

Tip: However, the trick is that although the case may seem like a normal strategy case, the final recommendation may lead to a digital related solution (like automating a task or creating an online presence).

I'll finish off by saying that I came across this question by coincidence :) Will request you to reply and let me know if you get an offer and which office will you be joining then. We can exchange contact details and then share tips on preparing for the real journey at BCG :)

Take Care


Vlad replied on Nov 27, 2018
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I have not seen any digital cases online but I have some, so feel free to reach me for prep.

There will be a mix of regular and IT cases. For the regular cases on preplounge will be most helpful. For the IT cases, I recommend reading the articles of the consulting companies about these topics on their websites (Hundreds of them if you google by key words "agile", "Digital", at McKinsey, BCG or Accenture)

But here is a list of potential topics you need to know. It is a full list and looks scary but they test a lot of these concepts depending on the particular role:

  • Cloud (cloud vs own servers pro and cons, uptime % SLAs, load balancing, etc)
  • Security (encryption basics, password change policy, cloud security and encryption on your computer)
  • Agile and development (Agile principles)
  • M&A and IT (Will it be one system or two systems? Is it "Adopt and go" approach or we take the best of both systems and create a new one? Integrate now, innovate later? Or Innovate now, when you have time?)
  • IT strategy and Digital transformation (Similar to M&A)
  • IoT (Mainly the use of IoT in operations - Process steps completion, measuring temperature, maintenance measurements, other measurements, predictive algorithms, etc)

Good luck!

replied on Nov 27, 2018
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How to prepare for a final round... make sure your case cracking skills are still sharp, but focus more heavily on the fit side, since that is what partners are more likely to be focused on: can they put you in front of the client, will you be a good fit at BCG?

Pasquale replied on Nov 27, 2018


I have a IT cost-cutting case, if you are interested.

I also have to interview for the TA practice.

PM if interested,


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