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Hello, I see on BCG Germany website, 'BCG Coffee Break' --what does this mean? I mean, I read/understand the post (below) but it isn't very detailed. What exactly is a BCG Coffee Break? Do you go to the office to have meet with a consultant like an informational interview?

'Konzentriert und anregend – das Kennenlernen im Espresso-Format für alle, die bereits im Job sind.

Sie haben wenig Zeit und wollen diese umso intensiver nutzen? Dann haben wir ein exklusives Angebot, das perfekt in Ihren Zeitplan passt: Treffen Sie uns einfach zwischendurch in der Nähe eines unserer Büros auf einen Kaffee. Beim Gespräch in entspannter Atmosphäre erfahren Sie aus erster Hand, was Sie schon immer über BCG wissen wollten. Ohne viel Aufwand, ohne Workshop oder lange Anreise, sondern mit direkten und persönlichen Einblicken. Ideal für einen ersten Vorgeschmack, wie Ihre Zukunft bei uns aussehen könnte.'

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replied on Oct 08, 2018
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It is a networking event for the firm to get to know you a bit, and more importantly, for you to get to know BCG and ask any questions you might have.

Note that, on the whole it is non-evaluative - i.e. it is not an interview and won't form a central part of the hiring decision. However, the consultant might take some brief notes about you which might go on your overall application.

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By the way, it's aimed at Experienced Hires: "für alle, die bereits im Job sind."


replied on Oct 08, 2018
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It's just a networking event. You don't need to do anything special - just try to have a couple of nice conversations after the case. Don't expect to get any benefits from that and don't do anything special

You'll also get a chance to:

  • Talk to MBB people and get some information for you FIT interview (why The Company reasons, topics for your questions to the interviewer, etc)
  • Meet with other candidates with whom you can practice the cases further

PS. If you want to keep in touch - send a thank you note after the event:

  • "I just wanted to thank you for visiting our University...
  • It was especially interesting to hear about...
  • Would be happy to keep in touch and apply in the nearest future.

Alternatively, you may use LinkedIn for that.


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