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Bain verbal and numerical test UK office

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Recent activity on Feb 25, 2019
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Anonymous B asked on Aug 06, 2018

Hi everyone, I've been invited to take the Bain online test - numerical and verbal reasoning - 2 tests. I tried searching online but there is lack of clarity. Can anyone shed light on the structure of the test, type of questions, number of questions for each?

Numerical reasoning test - is it graphs, percentages, etc or problem solving / data sufficiency like in GMAT? Or is it more like the Mckinsey PST?

Verbal reasoning test - is it case based? reading comprehension and critical reasoning like in GMAT? logical (diagrammatic)? Is it like the Mckinsey PST?

Any indication would be extremely helpful.

Has anyone found any sample tests to refer to?

Thanking you all for your help.

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replied on Aug 07, 2018


Congratulations on being invited to take the Bain online test!

From what I recall when I went through the Bain recruitment process for the Associate Consultant role, the numerical and verbal reasoning tests were provided by CEB SHL:

You can sign up on their website to gain access to some practice material. If you also google CEB SHL numerical and verbal reasoning tests, you should find mock tests which are similar, from several different sources (however, be aware of the quality and difficulty of these test).

Other practice material:

Although the style of the tests varies slightly to those provided by CEB SHL, I found that was a great resource for both numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning (I would consider paying for a subscription if you're expecting lots of interviews in the near future).

For additional verbal reasoning practice, I also completed a few tests on YouTube.

Good luck with the upcoming test.



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Originally answered question:

Bain online numerical and verbal reasoning tests

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replied on Jun 04, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

The Bain numerical test consists of a series of timed multiple choice questions aimed at testing your numerical abilities and relate to graphs, percentages and tables.
It includes approximately 25 questions to answer in 20 minutes. No particular mathematical knowledge is required, but the main challenge is related to doing fast (and correct) calculations.

These are the areas I suggest you to practise on:

No negative marking should be in place for wrong answer, so I suggest you try to answer all questions.


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mnur replied on Feb 25, 2019


I hope your test went well. I have to do the same Sova test for Bain as well. Would you be able to share your experience with me?
I have to do numerical, logical, and verbal. Are they similar to SHL tests?

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Anonymous C on Oct 21, 2019

Hi, I hope your test went well. I have to take the Bain Sova test as well. Did you find that it was similar to the SHL tests in the end? Thanks!

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