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AT Kearney Middle East phone CV screening - Conducted with every applicant?

Anonymous A asked on May 20, 2019 - 3 answers


I applied to AT Kearney Middle East a couple of days ago, and received an e-mail for a CV screening request via a 10 minute phone call.

Just out of interest, is there a filtering process for who is called for CV screening and who not, or is it conducted with nearly all applicants for AT Kearney Middle East? I know knowing this does not change the situation, but it would be good to know whether I should keep realistic hopes for a first-round interview invitation after receiving a CV screening request.

Hi Anonymous! I too just got an email from ATK Middle East for a 10 min CV screening round! I have the same concerns as you since I know some who do not have this. Can you please elaborate on this based on your experience and how to go about it ? — Anonymous C on Sep 11, 2019

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replied on May 21, 2019
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They can't screen you in 10 min, so don't worry, it's just an informational call


replied on Oct 02, 2019
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Hey A,

usually ATK in Dubai follows the three round approach:

  • 1st round includes personal fit, test and a case (or two case interviews instead of a test depending on the position you apply and your previous experience)
  • 2nd round - two to three case interviews with more senior colleagues and more demanding and complexed cases (both qualitative and quantitative part), sometimes group cases
  • 3rd round - is with a partner.

Don't be worry about the phone call - it's just a formality before your 1st round. Be relaxed, enthusiastic and authentic!

I have a few friends incl. partners working there - let me know if you need any help with preparation.

Good luck!



Anonymous B replied on Jun 05, 2019


If that can help you I also applied to ATK ME and are awaiting my first interviews. However, no cv screening on my side. Best of luck!