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Application process and other details

Recent activity on Sep 07, 2018
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Shardul asked on Sep 05, 2018
MBA 2019 student looking for good partners for case preparation

Dear DHL team,

Thanks for this opportunity to ask questions.

Could you please provide more details regarding the application process of DHL Consulting. Also, are you looking for a candidates specifically from Logistics or Supply chain background or any candidate with problem solving skills will be a good fit.

Can I also get in touch with any one of you for more details regarding the project scopes and organization culture.



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Tijana replied on Sep 07, 2018
HR Specialist Recruitment

Hi Shardul,

Thanks for the question.

We look for a unique combination of analytical and communicative skills. No matter what you’ve studied, we require a first-rate academic record and a passion for delivering excellent results.

Ideally, you’ve already proven your analytical and problem-solving skills in internships, extra-curricular activities and – if applicable to you – your work experience.

After handing in your application online, we will review your qualifications. The next step is an online assessment. If we want to get to know you personally, we will invite you to one of our recruiting days If we are impressed by your performance throughout the recruiting day, we will offer you a contract on the same day.

If you are curious to know more, please visit:

Regarding the DHLC culture, honestly speaking, this is one of the main reasons why I joined this team. There are no words that can express the vibe, you simply must experience it first-hand.

Kind Regards,

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