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Accenture Strategy vs Simon-Kucher & Partners

Anonymous A

Hi everyone,

Which firm is the better career choice in terms of exit options: Accenture Strategy vs Simon-Kucher & Partners?
Furthermore, how dou you view working in the strategy departements of the big 4 vs MBB?
By exit options I mean a transition to MBB or a change to industry.
Side note: The relevant geograpy is Germany/Switzerland/Austria.

Thank you.


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replied on 01/30/2017
McKinsey Senior Associate and IESE MBA

Simon-Kucher is a boutique firm, focused in Revenue and market growth whereas Accenture is a general strategy firm. If you want to focus on marketing, sales, etc choose Simon-kucher.

In general I would say Accenture is better to move to MBB, however in Germany Simon-kucher is strong, so not sure about it...

MBB is the ivey league of consulting: better clients, better colleagues, more demanding, prestige...

Anonymous B replied on 01/31/2017

I would say Accenture gives you better exit options in general, because it is more global and tech focused which is becoming more and more important also in consulting.

Answering your question on working in strategy departments of big 4 vs. MBB: If you are lucky to have the choice, definitely MBB. Higher pay, top people to work with, more prestige, better projects, and also better exit options.

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