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4C Group - Preparing Cases of about an hour and then present results


Hello everyone, does someone has an idea, where I can get cases, that I prepare (analyse and interpret data), plus making a Powerpoint of about 3 Slides in an hour and then present the results in front of the interviewer.

4C Group require to do this type of case.

Many thanks for any help.


replied on 01/19/2017
Former L.E.K. & Monitor Deloitte Project Leader

Hi Christina,

You should be able to prepare PowerPoint slides form any standard case that you may receive (or give). It's quite similar to a "normal" case with the difference being that you have to overtly define priorities, develop a small number of very directed hypotheses, and devise an evidence-based conclusion. With those pieces, then you structure your presentation with the appropriate logic.

Not completely gratifying, I know. If you're crunched for time, try looking for late round cases used for Bain and L.E.K. interviews. There should be material in line with - what I think - you're looking for.

Hope that helps.