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100 mio. to save but no numbers

EducateEarth: Digital Operations Transformation
New answer on Dec 26, 2021
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Hans asked on Dec 21, 2021
I would like to meet people in/around Zurich for case interview training

The case is very interesting. I am new and I am not sure if this 100 mio. is a test if candidate can get away from this number during the case. Anyhow if the main objective is to save 100 mio. within two years you must give some figures for revenue, major cost blocks etc. Otherwise the two year plan looks nice, but without any numbers of how much this will actually save I find it a bit meaningless.

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replied on Dec 26, 2021
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Agree that is rather unusual, but precisely for this, interesting! This can happen in cases, so it´s great to get the most complete toolkit that you can. 

Hope it helps!



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replied on Dec 23, 2021
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Yes, sometimes this happens. Usually it is to give you an idea of the order of magnitude you should be looking for. But if you have no numbers, just do the best you can with the qualitative information.

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replied on Dec 23, 2021
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Hi Hans,

You are right that most cases with have more in-depth numbers and charts/exhibits, and, you may not, this case only has 3.4 stars and should be taken with a grain of salt.

That said, not all cases will have charts/exhibits/extensive numbers and you may be faced with a “quick” case that is pure brainstorming. Be ready for anything!

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Clara gave the best answer


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McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut
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