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Locations of Horn & Company in Germany and other countries
Boutique Consultancy
Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Zürich, München +4 others
>180 employees
Digitization, Operations, Process Management, Restructuring & Turnaround, Strategy
Locations of Horn & Company in Germany and other countries

About Horn & Company

About Horn & Company
  • About Horn & Company

We are a top management consultancy with a focus on banking & insurance and industry & commerce. As an award-winning "hidden champion" in the category of banking & insurance, we have the highest level of professionalism, a high degree of seniority and excellent industry know-how.

We specialize in strategy process design, P&L-oriented performance improvement and digital transformation. As a top management consultancy, we cover the entire value chain of our clients. With the foundation of "H&C Data Analytics GmbH" we have established a powerful consulting ecosystem for digital transformation.

Horn & Company is once again the sole HIDDEN CHAMPION of the top management consultants in the industry cluster "Banking & Insurance" and this time also the new "NUMBER 1" in the overall customer satisfaction study ranking. More than 1,000 executives rated our performance in the current WGMB study better than the performance of all others - including those of our international market competitors McKinsey, BCG, Bain or OWC. Wow!

Around 120 consultants are doing a great job and have propelled H&C to this top position! Consulting is people's business!

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