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I'm a strategy consultant with a passion for mentoring and coaching aspiring consultants. I graduated from a renowned French engineering school, successfully gone through interview processes of largest consulting firms in Paris, and I've acquired 3 years' project experience as a consultant at BCG and Roland Berger. I will be happy to help you reveal your potential and achieve your goals.

My coaching approach: 

My approach is not just about sharing knowledge; it's about crafting a personalized strategy. Whether you are starting out or looking to polish your skills, I offer insights and techniques that are tailored to your specific needs and challenges. I successfully coached 50+ candidates to prepare for the very demanding recruiting process in Paris. 

  • Personalized Strategy: I focus on crafting a coaching plan that aligns with your current level of preparation, aiming to elevate your performance in every aspect of the interview process.
  • Insider Knowledge: Having navigated the complex interview processes myself, I am intimately familiar with the BCG evaluation grid and understand precisely what recruiters are looking for in candidates.
  • Real-World Insights: My sessions draw upon my experiences with different consulting firms, offering you a comprehensive view of varying interview styles and expectations.

Typical coaching session structure: 

A standard 1h- session will be structured in the following way - but it can be flexible depending on your needs (e.g., CV/cover letter review, focus on fit, focus on case)

  • Introduction (5'): We start by discussing your goals, target firms, and current preparation status, setting the stage for a focused and productive session
  • Mock Interview (35'):
    • 10' Fit questions
    • 25' Case interview
  • Feedback Session (20'):
    • I provide detailed feedback using criteria similar to real MBB evaluation forms, focusing on areas like quantitative skills, problem-solving, personal impact, and leadership.
    • Together, we'll identify areas for improvement and establish actionable next steps.
    • I can also answer your questions wether on theory or your personal experience.

Why me ? 

  • I am not only experienced in the field but also deeply committed to your success
  • Proven track record in various consulting firms' interview styles
  • 3 years consulting experience at 2 different firms - BCG and Roland Berger


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