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I tailor my coaching approach to my candidate and their needs. I like to understand what the candidate is looking for from the session and make the most of that time. If I am unprepared for any session, I will give the candidate a free slot on another day. My strength is the very pointed and specific feedback I provide my candidates for every part of the interview which is what my mentees love the most about me. 

At the end of every interview prep, I give my own tips and tricks that helped me succeed to the candidate if they desire it. Including frameworks I used, page organization, simplifying the clarifying questions, etc 

My credentials:
- 4 McK offers, 1 BCG offer, 3 Tier-2 Consulting offers (in my private network)
- 50+ case interview practices given to peers, mentees, and consulting aspirants 
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Coaching can include (but is not limited to):

  • Full mock interview (case and/or fit)
  • Deep-dive case assessment
  • Crash course ramp-up in casing (from ground zero)
  • “Start-stop case” (we walk through a case together)
  • Weakness fixing - math, charts/exhibits, case leadership, frameworking, etc.
  • Resume/cover letter review + creation (offline + live)
  • Full interview preparation plan (daily, weekly cadence and coaching plan)
  • Anything else - just ask!

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