Ex-BCG (3 years), Ex-Private Equity at #1 firm in ANZ region, Current CFO at start-up, Pacific Equity Partners (PEP), BCG
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I am passionate about helping  people get the best out of themselves in their careers and lives. I personally have been through a significant personal and professional journey prepping for case interviews and then working at BCG for ~3 years. 

My passion led me to running a career coaching service for ~3 years working with hundreds of people from around the world to land top offers in consulting and investment banking. 

How am I different from other coaches? I'm different from other coaches as I understand that case interviews can be a massive MENTAL GAME. This means you may have the skills but crumble under the pressure. I have personally dealt with this and have received numerous coaching certifications (certified as a Level 3 NLP coach) to help you to overcome anxiety and limiting beliefs which prevent your peak performance on game day! 

I can also lean on giving / receiving literally 100's of case interviews both formally and informally through my personal experience, through my career coaching service, and at BCG.



My coaching approach can be structured in 3 ways:

1. Efficient analysis of your performance and problem areas to drive focus & improvement in your performance - I will quickly identify common problem areas with you based on deep experience working at BCG for 3 years + running a case interview coaching business for 3+ years coaching >50 clients to successfully land premier consulting roles

2. Tailored coaching approach based on your identified problem areas in 1. - we will work together to drive an 80/20 approach to rapidly increase your results

3. Collaborative and fun! - I personally know how stressful prepping for case interviews can be. I will bring constructive feedback and a spirit of fun and openness, that will enable you to relax and perform at your best :) 



My typical coaching sessions are structured as follows:

1. Initial intro session (10 mins) - we will discuss your past experience + perceived problem areas from past case interviews 

2. Case interview (25-35 mins) - I will guide you through a real-life case study I have either personally worked on at BCG, or which colleagues have worked through

3. Feedback (10-15 mins) - this is the most critical part of our session and often under appreciated. I will mark you according to a BCG style rubric on key criteria, solicit your initial impressions and then provide you max 1-3 key areas to focus on improving, with recommendations on tools you can use to improve before our next session together.


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