Bain & Co. 2+ years | MBA from IIM Bangalore | Here to get you started from the very basics of Case Prep
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The only USP I want to highlight, the one that sets me apart from more experienced coaches is that of personalization. 

I spent a good amount of time doing case prep, through my time in under-grad, as well as masters, which landed me in Bain & Company. I'm here to help you learn from my experience in the industry as well as case prep, and help you avoid the same mistakes that I made during my own preparation. 

Post college, I spent ~2 years in Bain & Co., of which one was spent in just getting acclimatized to the vastly different lifestyle and the world of consulting post living a care-free life as a student. As a result, I understand what it is like to feel alien to cases and to this industry in general. 

What I am willing to offer, keeping in mind the above, is a judgement free and fully personalized space. I will practice cases with candidates in the manner that suits them, in terms of taking care of their preferences of specific industries/sectors/ functions that they want to practice cases from, or with respect to focus on a specific skill that they want to improve through these sessions (problem break-down, communication, articulation etc.). 
Hit me up if this resonates with you, and we can work something out!


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