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  1. I became the #1 McKinsey coach (based on recommendation rate) within the first month of starting on PrepLounge and have kept that spot ever since. Other successful coaches on this platform have bought my McKinsey-specific products to guide their efforts.
  2. With 5 years at McKinsey, I know the recruiting process inside and out. I can help you ace the case interview and the PEI exactly like McKinsey wants you to succeed. My coachees continuously receive feedback from interviewers that they seem to be much better prepared than other candidates.
  3. Interviewing and coaching 100s of candidates, I have developed a system to tackle every McKinsey case and question type successfully, regardless of the context, industry, or functional expertise. You will learn how to think and communicate like a McKinsey consultant and not rely on pre-learned frameworks that would only hurt your performance in the real case. Candidates I mentor for 5 sessions have 5x the average success rate for McKinsey. See the link above for real success and offer rates.
  4. Our sessions do not have a time limit. My cases are 2x as long as the typical McKinsey case interview, which will give you more opportunity to practice and me more observation points for feedback. Basically, each session you book with me is the equivalent of two sessions. I will take as long as you need to get through the case, your questions, and provide detailed feedback. Also, you will get an in-depth feedback sheet after our sessions. In between sessions,  I will provide mentorship and am available for questions of all kinds, usually responding within 1 hour during the day. I am doing this full-time and I am invested in your success!
  5. My approach is 100% tailored to your needs. We can structure the sessions as you like according to your preferences and needs. I have a large library of real McKinsey cases across industries and functions, both typical business cases as well as more creative cases that are increasingly employed during the interviews, covering up-to-date topics such as COVID, sustainability, etc., all with the real associated evaluation metrics. Also, I am happy to prepare tailored cases to fit your needs.
  6. The program includes my McKinsey Solve Game Guide for free (more than 100 pages + Excel templates + video tutorials) [VALUE OF EUR 64], which has helped more than 3500 candidates since November 2019 and is based on the feedback of more than 280 test-takers as well as my Case Interview Math Mastery Program (20 part video course and 2000 practice examples) [VALUE OF EUR 89].




    • I will tell you what to improve and how to improve right from the start to optimize your preparation and bring you on the right track early-on
    • I will create a tailored preparation plan for in-between sessions for you to work on my feedback
    • I will connect you with my network of coachees that also prepare for McKinsey interviews to make sure you spend your valuable time by practicing only with other strong candidates
    • Practice with real McKinsey-like cases, real McKinsey-like feedback, and a real McKinsey interviewer perspective to make sure you are learning the correct skills and habits
    • This program will significantly increase your chances to get an offer with McKinsey as long as you are ready to work hard and able to deal with honest feedback


The program includes 5 sessions:

  • 4 real McKinsey-style cases, covering the specific question types that only McKinsey is using. I usually make the case longer so you have more opportunity to practice and I have more observation points for feedback: around 40 to 60 min case and 20-30 min detailed debrief + feedback sheet and performance tracking across sessions
  • 1 personal fit interview simulation, during which we will go through your 3 stories in great detail (3 stories per interview, one for each dimension) and I teach you what to highlight to stand out from the rest
  • Can also be tailored to your specific needs


I will show you how to deliver your messages in both types of interviews with the most impact. As one of my coachees phrased it: 

In hindsight, I find it hard to imagine a better, more time-efficient, practice. I ended up feeling really confident for the interview and got the offer.

P.S. für deutschsprachige Kandidaten habe ich spezielle Tipps für McKinsey Deutschland

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February 26, 2021 by Anonymous

Today was my 2nd session with Florian. Florian's coaching has been so effective that I decided to leave a review for the package right now (and I will come back to edit this after every session).

Sessions with Florian are amazing for 5 reasons:
1. He is extremely attentive and gives you very detailed feedback in the form of a Google Sheet. The sheet even contains examples of how you should approach the exact math questions in the case.

2. His coaching is focused on building up the right habits so that you come across as confident and always in control of the case, regardless of what is asked. It will take multiple sessions with peers to truly internalise these habits, but it will undoubtedly be worth it! In between my 2 sessions, I have improved tremendously and am certain that I will be bullet proof by the time we finish our sessions.

3. The cases Florian uses are very well-designed. They are quite difficult and contain many traps. This is extremely beneficial as you will make mistakes and learn how to avoid them in the future.

4. Florian goes above and beyond to help you succeed. He spent an additional 30 minutes with me on my first session to make sure I knew exactly how I performed and what I could do better.

5. He also suggested highly actionable next steps for me to train my structuring skills and internalise the habits he taught during the session outside of peer sessions.

Overall, booking sessions with Florian are definitely worth it, regardless of where you are in your casing journey!

EDIT: Just finished my 3rd session with Florian and I have improved by leaps and bounds. Again, if you're thinking of being coached by Florian, do it!

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May 18, 2021 by Sophia

I got an offer!!! Florian has been really helpful for this achievement. He explains in detail each part of the case and tells you what you have to improve and some ideas of how you can do it. I recommend Florian to anyone who wants someone to rock their interview

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September 06, 2021 by Anonymous

If you're looking for a flexible coach who gives you more confidence and a structured approach for your upcoming McKinsey interviews, I can most definitely recommend Florian as a coach! His five coaching sessions were exactly what I needed to feel well-prepared for going into the final round of interviews - despite not having too much case experience in advance - and which, in the end, helped me to succeed and get the offer!

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July 25, 2021 by Anonymous

Florian was FANTASTIC and I believe one of the main reasons I was able to pass my R1 McKinsey interview (R2 is coming up soon!). What was great about Florian was that he really gives you a playbook on what to do, say and think throughout the case and provides hyper-tactical and implementable advice. A great bonus is that he provides WRITTEN feedback afterwards (something that other coaches on PrepLounge don't do all of the time - I'm speaking from experience here). Overall, would recommend Florian to anyone who's wanting to go from "good" to "great" (my focus area). (Though I wish I engaged with him earlier to save me time from hours of misguided prep.)

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March 26, 2021 by Anonymous

I highly recommend Florian as your coach who is professional, genuine and compassionate. One of the first things he asked is whether I have any other engagements later in the day and I knew he will take the time and effort and he did.

During the first mock interview, Florian maintained the stance of an actual interviewer (warm, yet somewhat detached), but his expertise and compassion really showed when he switched mode to provide feedback. Florian provided rules of thumb I can follow, and encouraged me to use it throughout the session. I felt that I learned a lot just after the first session.

After the conclusion of the session Florian sent written feedback detailing steps to follow to present a good structure at an interview and how I did on each of those steps. It will take practice to internalize and translate to actual performance, and I am confident that if I manage to do that I will be able to walk into the interview well prepared. Again, I would highly recommend Florian as your coach.

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